Perfect Handlebar Security Lock

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Leave your motorbike anywhere with comfort. This is way much better than any gadget that alarms you when somebody is attempting to take your bike. Make your 2 wheeled lorry theft-proof.

Many purchasers acquired 2 to lock both brakes. What is the rate of 2 of these compared to the rate of your motorbike if it got taken?

  • Winner of a lot of efficient theft deterrent gadget of the year.
  • Fits any motorbike handlebars.
  • Entirely presses your brakes versus the handlebar to disable your wheel from rolling.
  • Extremely simple to utilize. You will not even require directions.
  • Made from strong stainless metal. Burglars would just wind up injuring themselves if they try to break it.
  • Easier and more efficient than those typical disc locks that might really wind up badly harming your bike.
  • With 2 special secrets. Other owners of handlebars will not have the ability to open yours with their secrets.


  • Depth: 25mm
  • Height: 139mm
  • Width: 57mm
  • Weight: 400 g


  1. Place the handlebar and the hand break through the holes and lock the gadget. Put on the throttle side.
  2. Get rid of the secret.
  3. Test if the gadget is securely protected.


Q: What if the burglar cuts the wire for the brake to launch the wheel?

A: Yes, the wheel will be launched however the throttle will still be locked so the burglar will not have the ability to throttle your bike even if he has the ability to begin your engine without a secret. For this reason, he still can’t run away with it.

Q: What if I lost my secrets?

A: Regrettably, each handlebar locks has a unique set of secrets which will not deal with other handlebar locks. So upon getting your order, you require to protect among the secrets someplace in your space so that you will still have an extra type in case of loss.